The noblest of all professions is agriculture. But reaching the produce to the needy is the most important economic activity, especially when it is across the borders of nations.

Foreign Trade and the laws relating to it has to be mastered for a marvelous innings in this most challenging of all careers. Spees is crucial not only in the logistics, but also in over-coming the hurdles.

We offer to equip you for a masterly knock everytime you move your consignments across the borders.

Learn Customs Law & Foreign Trade Policy and all related minor, but crucial laws and procedures online.

The Course would cover the following topics

  • General introduction to India’s Foreign Trade
  • Customs Law and procedures
  • Foreign Trade Policy – Export Promotion Schemes and Measures


  • Online learning platform – videos of lessons are uploaded online
  • 24×7 access to the course materials
  • Students take the classes from anywhere at their convenience
  • Course Material also made available which can be downloaded
  • Case study based learning with practical scenarios
  • Dedicated academic support team
  • Students can schedule an interactive session with the faculty and clear their doubts.


Username and Password will be provided for registered users and they can access the online course content anytime during this 90 day period.


After the completion of the course, registered users will have to examinations. Question papers will be sent by e-mail and written answers will have to be sent back. If the student get an aggregate score of 50% in both the examination, the Institute will issue a certificate of course completion to the student.