About the Institute
Institute of International Trade & Tax Studies [IITT], formerly known as Chennai Institute of Indirect Taxes, was founded in 1995 with a missionary zeal to bring about an accelerated change in the style and status of business in India.

Our Director
Shri S.S. Radhakrishnan, who belonged to 1974 batch of Indian Revenue Service the Indian (Customs and Central Excise), is the founder and Directorof IITT. He has taken up this assignment after opting for voluntary retirement in November, 1995 while working as the Additional Commissioner of Customs, Chennai. He has authorised three books in Customs and Central Excise and has represented India in International Customs Conferences while in service. The President of India has honoured him by awarding a certificate in 1989 for meritorious and distinguished Government service.

Objectives of IITT
IITT aims at educating, up-dating and up-grading the members of the Trade in matters relating to Customs, Central Excise, Foreign Trade, Foreign Exchange Management, International Banking, Port Procedures, Service Tax, Value Added Tax etc. Study of these subjects will help one to become an exporter / importer or for seeking good jobs in export-import companies and factories manufacturing goods. These subjects are of much concern for any important business in this era of liberalisation of economy and globalisation of Foreign Trade. A well informed businessman succeeds in tax planning and safeguards his business interest by avoiding delays and harassments. This will also ensure a better relationship between the government agencies and the Trade and thus will accelerate the Nation’s march to strength and vitality. This can be the only real liberalisation for the Nation

Why these courses?
Of late, manufacture of goods and export of goods and services have acquired importance and has grown in different dimensions. There is an acute dearth of trained and knowledgable managers in these fields. These courses are aimed at training and moulding enthusiasts for doing manufacturing and foreign trade businesses on their own or to mould themselves fit to take up employment with organisations engaged in such activities.
For Whom
For anybody who can understand the subject either in English. No minimum education is insisted as the sole purpose of these courses is to make the needy person fit to earn his bread with confidence and dignity.